Pedestrian Crossing Signs & Markings


The Virginia Department of Transportation ensures proper signage and markings for all users of the road.  The ones shown below focus on pedestrians.  Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users and drivers must pay special attention when navigating intersections and areas where pedestrians are frequently found (schools, residential areas, commercial shopping areas).

Click It or Ticket


247drive proudly partners with Drive Smart Virginia in the Virginia Coalition for Safe Driving.  The message below can be found on Drive Smart Virginia’s website,, and it is a reminder that we all must wear our seatbelts to save lives.



When was the last time you were distracted while driving?  Come on…be honest.  Distractions are everywhere!  Distracted driving is defined as doing anything other than driving while driving.  These are but a few examples of distracted driving behaviors.

Distracted driving isn't just about texting - it's about anything that takes your focus off driving.

Work Zone Safety—The Other Traffic Safety Workers


Time to pay attention to the unsung heroes of the road work zones.  The men of women of the State’s Department of Transportation and local jurisdictions’ public works departments do their jobs so you can do yours.

Traffic Safety—Maintaining the Status Quo


Traffic safety is everyone’s business.  We all must accomplish the same goal:  get from point A to point B without getting hurt or creating a hazard for other drivers.

We Are Open For Business!


We are excited to officially open our doors to serve your driver improvement needs!

247drive’s mission is to make drivers more conscientious and aware of problems before they even develop—in other words, we are here to make you a safer driver.  Our driver improvement course is designed to be a corrective influence on individual driving performance.  However, we will also share valuable information and helpful driving tips throughout the year on our website through these blogs.


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