In 2017, a total of 629 Virginians were injured during traffic crashes over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  247drive and Drive Smart Virginia want to remind you of the dangers of driving under the influence (of alcohol and/or drugs), and to return safely from your travels.  Reduce the risk of injuries by buckling your safety belt, avoiding distractions while driving, and designating a sober driver before the celebrations begin.

While statistics for 2016 and 2017 are still being compiled, here are some frightening realities of impaired driving on Virginia roadways in 2015:

  • 241 people died because of alcohol-related crashes.  This represents 32% of all traffic fatalities.
  • 4,917 people were injured in alcohol-related crashes.  This represents 7.6% of all traffic injuries.
  • 7,591 alcohol-related crashes represented 6% of all crashes.
  • 228 alcohol-related fatal crashes represented 32.1% of all fatal crashes.
  • 3,356 alcohol-related personal injury crashes represented 7.8% of all injury crashes.
  • 4,007 alcohol-related property damage crashes represented 4.9% of all property damage crashes.

Ensure that you designate a sober driver who will get all party-goers home safely at the end of the celebrations.  Never get into a vehicle with a driver who has consumed alcoholic beverages and/or drugs.  When in doubt, call a taxi or ride-share service to get you home.  Make sure that you wear your seatbelt.

You are your best advocate, so make wise choices this holiday weekend.

Happy driving!  Drive Safely!


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