How many near-misses have you been involved in when turning at intersections?  All too often drivers merge into other lanes as they turn because they are not following their designated lane of travel.  Now, this discussion only works where more than one lane turns in the same direction—single turn lanes are excluded as there is no other traffic that could merge into another turning vehicle’s lane.

When was the last time you were in the inside lane of two left-turning lanes and drifted into the lane to your right as you were completing your turn because your angle was too steep, or you took the turn too fast?  Sound familiar?  How about if you’re the only driver making the turn—is it OK to drift into the other lane?  Nope.  Here is the proper way to make the turn:



The diagram does not provide an illustration for multiple lanes turning in the same direction, but it follows the same principle.  You always stay in the corresponding lane closest to the inside lane of the turn, even when the road you turn onto has more lanes than the number of lanes in the turn you just completed.  Find additional information in the Virginia Driver’s Manual.

So, next time you are on the road and turning where you have more than one lane turning in the same direction, pay extra close attention.  It will keep you and other motorists safe, and it will save you from getting a ticket for improperly turning.

Happy driving!  Drive Safely!


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