In a previous entry we touched on protecting your most precious cargo (your kids) by ensuring their child safety seats are properly tethered to the vehicle’s seats.  Here we will discuss the proper time when a child is ready to sit in a vehicle and use a seatbelt versus remaining in a booster seat.

Remember that in Virginia all children 8 years of age and younger must be secured in a child safety restraint device.  There are, of course, exceptions that must be met when children under 9 years of age can be secured with a regular seatbelt.  This article, however, will focus on children that are old and tall enough to be belted with a regular seatbelt.

The attached video posted on SafeKids Worldwide illustrates the proper techniques to determine if your child is ready to move from a booster seat to regular seatbelt:

Always drive carefully with safety in mind, and secure your children in the proper safety restraint.  Arrive alive at your destination.

Happy driving!  Drive Safely!


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